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Serving and Honoring our Forefathers

forefathersOur founding fathers worked tirelessly and sacrificed their lives for us to live free, safe and secure.  Their strength and determination is priceless. They were ambitious to build a better life for themselves and all man-kind. We have the same traits within ourselves.  Americans are gracious and serve others in all capacities.  Many work hard to provide for their families to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Our brothers and sisters paid the ultimate price for all of us. God blessed America in more ways than we can comprehend. The talents, knowledge, strength, love for mankind and our resolve that American’s possess is truly magnificent!

Conversely our core principles, morals and values that were established by our founding fathers are not fully understood, valued and held near to our hearts.  If we allow the core principles of our nation to fade away we will lose the right to pursue happiness and the opportunity to experience true freedom.

Our Country is becoming postmodernism which means there are no fundamental truths or beliefs.   We each construct our own world according to our own perception. There is no objective truth, only our own perception of what is true. This philosophy is an absolute guarantee that our nation will break down and create more chaos than we can ever imagine.  So much that we will not operate efficiently and effectively in any capacity.

We will not preserve our core principles without first connecting with empathy, understanding and almost completely changing our approach and the way of our thinking. Abrasive comments and behavior within our society will make significant withdrawals and we will lose the trust that we work so hard to build.  We spend way too much time reacting instead being proactive.  Lastly, we are allowing external /negative influence drive our bus.


It is time to slow down to speed up!

Our country was founded upon these three ideas:


  • We the People Rule
  • Checks and balances (each Legislative branch, Executive and Judicial has some control over the other)


  • Agreeing with a standard of right behavior
  • Conducting ourselves in a manner which respects, appreciates, and adds value to others


  • Truth
  • Credibility
  • Liberty