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Vision, Mission & Goal


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Reinstate our core principles, morals and values that our country was founded upon. We accomplish this by reeducating ourselves and others. Always appreciating and understanding that our Country was founded upon these truths to establish order, peace, hope and the pursuit of happiness for all. We will persevere in order for our Country to operate effectively. We will establish measurable and timely goals and meet or exceed our goals while keeping each other accountable. At all times exemplifying eternal optimism.


capture the spirit of all citizens to proactively, consistently and enjoy serving one another. Appreciate value and honor our Country, always striving to positively impact our family, friends, community, nation and government.

Inception of Symbol and Declaration

“I and many people complain about our Nation few seek solutions and act upon them”.

Brad Barber

United To Serve LogoUnited to Serve with Passion and Purpose began after two things inspired me. One, I was asked to run for State Senate in 2014. I declined due to my current positon as CEO of Cabin Coffee Company. Secondly, I and many people complain about our Nation few seek solutions and act upon them. I decided from that day forward that it is my duty as an American to do my part to serve, preserve, honor, educate, inspire and unite others to possess a great passion and purpose for our Nation. I kept kicking around a slogan/declaration that would positively impact everyone. I wanted something that would bring people together and that would encourage people to take action. Thus came the declaration “United to serve with Passion and Purpose”. I immediately called Les Seltun our graphic artist and printer with Control Print and asked him to come up with a symbol that incorporates a heart, star, flag and the declaration. The first try Les came up with the symbol. I believe the symbol embodies what our forefathers were accomplishing. They all had a passion and purpose to ensure that our Constitution would secure our liberty/freedom and that it is up to the citizens to ensure that we uphold the Constitution.




Identifies our servant minded heart that genuinely loves and cares for all people


imitless capabilities and Patriotism


United to Serve with Passion and Purpose