The United States of America

Built upon vision, foresight, faith, determination, strength, and sacrifice of men, women and children America was born.  Our ancestors fled from government corruption, dictatorship and falsehoods. Government and religious leaders imprisoned or killed their citizens if they did not worship and live the way they were told.  Our ancestors dreamed to worship freely, possess and experience a life filled with liberty for all men, women and children. They had the will to serve, love, support and care for one another. Live in a society that would have a solid foundation of morals and ethics in order to live free and stable. They shared with one another what freedom would feel like. Establishing a society that is based upon a set of values that all people are created equal and have the opportunity to pursue happiness without a society/government suppressing their individuality, dreams and goals to become all what they want and can be. There will be no other place in the world that people will want to plant their feet as much as this place.  Their purpose was clear and decisive; whatever it took they were going to achieve their dream and there was no barrier that would stop them from obtaining that dream.  Even if it meant sacrificing their own lives and their loved ones.  Out of all the chaos in the world at that time they desperately wanted stability, safety, the right to live free and with dignity.  They possessed love and faith for God and his word.  They had a purpose and meaning in life.  What is your purpose? The Purpose for United to Serve is to enjoy, value, protect and preserve our freedom.  We accomplish this by  inspiring, loving, caring, honoring and serving one another. These attributes will positively impact our Nation while honoring God, our founding fathers, the men and women that served and future generations.

The basic purpose of the American form of Government is to protect the rights that God has given to the very people he created. Our Government was built for the people. Our founders believed the rights came from their creator; God, not the Government.  Therefore they set forth the Constitution to protect the rights of the people to ensure that Government would not ever take away our liberty and freedom. Our Founders built this government for the people which means “ We the People” must do the work.  When you understand this you will have the ability to recognize much of what is good and bad in government. My hope and prayer is that every American will appreciate what our founders provided us, that we not ever take for granted our privilege being an American, we have the desire in our hearts to love and serve each other and do good works to ensure that many generations will have the opportunity to live safe and free.

There are no guarantees.  I do know this.  We have a much greater chance to live free when we honor our founding fathers foresight and live by the moral standards that God established.