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Will I have to speak in front of the whole group?

ou will never be expected to speak in front of the large group. We create smaller peer coaching groups to offer a more comfortable environment for interaction.

Will I be expected to share personal information?

You get to decide how much you share in our workshop. You will be provided a Purpose Portfolio where you can work individually on exploring personal values, passions and interests.

Will the information I share be kept confidential?

At the beginning of our workshops we agree to a group covenant. One aspect is that any information shared in the workshop is kept confidential.

Will I know my specific purpose after I attend this workshop?

We cannot guarantee that you will walk away from the workshop with a clear purpose and direction, however, we believe you will gain a greater self-awareness and you will have tools to continue your exploration independently.

Will you help me find a way to live out my purpose?

We leverage the wisdom of group members’ experiences, knowledge and resources to explore ideas and possibilities for individual participants which naturally emerge throughout the course of the workshop.

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