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Thank you for visiting the United to Serve with Passion and Purpose Website! We truly care about you, your family, friends, community, our beloved United States, world and universe. We believe we are on this earth for a greater purpose than ourselves. We exist to inspire everyone to love, serve and care for one another always adding value to each other and ourselves.

Our Story

After visiting with many legislatures and citizens our founder, Brad Barber, knew it was time to unite everyone together to rebuild the foundation of our county. To do this we need to reinstate our core principles, morals, and values that our forefathers set out before us and as American citizens we need to be educating and inspiring all other Americans to appreciate our ancestors and carry out their legacy and vision for our community and country.

Our Values & Beliefs


Loving God with all your heart, soul, strength, mind and loving your neighbor as yourself.


Sharing the gifts of imagination, creativity and talent to enrich our community and promote harmony.


Providing high quality learning opportunities to promote purposeful and prosperous living.


Developing networks for conversation where individuals can flourish and add value to their community.


Supporting individual s in their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Brad Barber

Founder & CEO

Honoring our ancestors for their dedication and sacrifices that they endured. To recapture the spirit of all citizens to love, care, serve, and appreciate the foundation of our country. I believe that everyone on this earth is here for a divine purpose. That they all have special gifts and talents that they can use in order to serve one another and glorify God. I’m passionate about helping them discover their own gifts, passion, and educating others about the needs of their community and nation. With this education and instilling their passion in them, we as a nation can restore what our ancestors built for us.

Starr Benjamin

Starr Benjamin invests her knowledge of program design and her experience in employee development and training as creator and co-presenter of Rekindle the Spark of Purpose.  She has worked in healthcare for over 35 years with a professional background in Behavioral Health Nursing and is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Starr is passionate about encouraging individuals in their pursuit of optimal well-being and discovery of purpose. She enjoys facilitating dialogue to support individuals in achieving greater self-awareness and exploring their God-given talents, strengths and possibilities.

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